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FWP Webinar: Blended Finance for water and climate: When theory meets practice



The French Water Partnership organized on August 27, 2020 a webinar on ‘Blended finance for water and climate: when theory meets practice’ .

See the webinar here: 

Vast additional public and private funds will be required to deliver the Paris Agreement and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Blended finance is emerging as an important financing solution to accelerate action, but it must be scaled-up.

This webconference brought together a diverse cross-section of public and private actors applying blended finance solutions to address water and climate change-related challenges. Experts and practitioners from OECD, 1001fontaines, Safi Sana, The Nature Conservancy, the French Development Agency, Convergence Finance, the Union for the Mediterranean, Waterpreneurs, and Global Environment Facility (GEF) discussed the potential of blended finance and lessons learned through three current case studies, a moderated virtual roundtable, and an audience Q&A.


  • Showcase the crucial role of blended finance to narrow the financing gap to address water-related climate change challenges and advance sustainable development, in the Global South in particular.
  • Help bridge the space between blended finance theory and practice (and from investors to beneficiaries) through concrete and current case-studies, by facilitating the exchange of experiences ; and by identifying gaps, needs, obstacles, lessons learned, and the key preconditions for a blended finance ‘enabling environment’.
  • Identify opportunities for cross-fertilization, scaling-up, and replicability.
  • Contribute to advancing knowledge by producing recommendations for policy and research.


  • Marie-Laure Vercambre – French Water Partnership
  • Kathleen Dominique – OECD
  • Julien Ancele – 1001fontaines
  • Aart van den Beukel – Safi Sana
  • Sophie Trémolet – The Nature Conservancy
  • Clément Frenoux – French Development Agency
  • Regina Rossmann – Convergence Finance
  • Almotaz Abadi – Union for the Mediterranean
  • Brieux Michoud – Waterpreneurs
  • Christian Severin – Global Environment Facility (GEF)

See the programme and list of speakers here:

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