Committed to water for the world Engagés pour l’eau du monde
World Water Forum
Bali 2024

Our mission


The FWP has been given several missions that serve to advance the cause of water:


  1. Draw up and promote joint messages and display the expertise of the FWP’s members on various priority topics at the European and international level, within events, forums and networks.
  2. Contribute to progress on various strategic and thematic objectives at these different meetings.
  3. Be a center for forward-thinking and allow for a good exchange of information, experience and expertise between all stakeholders.
  4. Be a multi-stakeholder gateway to European and international opportunities.
  5. Contribute to ensure that water is included in the priorities on European and international policy agendas, promoting the main principles of water management.
  6. Contribute to improve awareness of water problems in public opinion, notably by encouraging media coverage of European and international issues.