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Our vision

The FWP’ vision for water relies on an integrated management of Water Resources : A water management by and for everyone.

2016: The year of implementation

2015 represented a fundamental step for water, which is finally recognized as a global priority. 2016 will be characterized by the implementation of the UN frameworks adopted in 2015, chief among them the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change. 


The FWP’s primary focus: the management of integrated water resources for and by all

The FWP’s vision is based on an integrated model of management of water resources to solve water-related problems around the world.


What is integrated management?

France initiated a revolution in the 1960s in terms of participatory governance, funding, and improvement of the quality of water, aquatic environments, and biodiversity.

Current French legislation provides for an integrated management of water resources policy at a coherent hydrological unit scale: the hydrological basin. This requires:

  • A comprehensive approach to water resources, including surface water, groundwater, and coastal water.
  • Cooperation, organization and solidarity among all water stakeholders and users within the watershed
  • A mechanism for financial solidarity
  • A balanced approach between efficient resource management and the mobilization of new resources
  • Consistency among policies in the areas of water, climate, food safety, energy, and the environment.

To find out more, see our video on French water innovations :