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Global and climate change

Natural resources, including water, are strongly affected by climate change. However, the water community has solutions both to adapt to climate change and to mitigate this phenomenon. The French Water Partnership is conducting several activities on the subject.





Our working group on water and climate

REDAUD Jean-Luc 2

The FWP is coordinating a multi-stakeholder working group on water and climate change.

This working group is chaired by Jean-Luc Redaud, FWP, Académie de l’eau and 4D.


The main objectives of this working group are to:    

  1. Contribute to a better integration of water issues in international climate negotiations and policies;
  2. Promote the operational implementation of international commitments in the field of water and climate at European, national and local level;
  3. Promote the french expertise and solutions in the fight against climate change;
  4. Strengthen awareness, knowledge and capacity on water and climate of all stakeholders at all levels.


If you want more information or join this group, please contact:


 Our water and climate advocacy

The water and climate FWP’s recommendations are co-built by its working group around 7 main priorities:    

  • Put water at the heart of climate change adaptation
  • Take into account the role of water for mitigation
  • Ensure coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Strengthen international commitments and promote their implementation in national policies
  • Include knowledge issues and nature-based solutions in policies and strategies at all levels
  • Promote adapted financing
  • Unite for more visibility

For more details on these priorities, download our general advocacy document on water and climate

Find here all the messages and recommendations drafted by the water and climate working group


Our presence in major events

The PFE is present in major events related to climate change, including Climate Conferences (COP).

Discover FWP’s actions at these events



Discover our resources on water and climate:

Our quarterly update on water & climate news                              


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