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WWW2021 Session: Multi-dimensional role of youth in building resilience  


August, 23 : 5:00 – 6:00 PM CET 
Multi-dimensional role of youth in building resilience



This year World Water Week will be held on Pathable (the digital ‘venue’ of World Water Week) and Zoom (the ‘room’/platform where sessions will be held). To register to this session, please follow these steps:

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Climate change, COVID-19 and other systemic shocks compromise progress on the SDGs. As youth has to deal with these challenges the longest, empowering and integrating youth in building back better is more important than ever. This session offers an intergenerational experts dialogue to expose pathways for youth engagement in building resilience.

Expertise comes in all forms and shapes, ages and origins. From on the ground climate activists to high-level diplomats, building resilience is a multi-dimensional challenge that demands cooperation. Evidence has shown that Involving youth is of vital importance when it comes to resilience and it can be done in different ways and at different levels. The session will start by setting the scene with concrete examples of how to incorporate youth in resilience building. It will give voice to youth on different roundtables, while promoting intergenerational dialogue with senior experts. Participants will have the opportunity to network and share their perspectives on themes ranging from climate change and urban disasters to community-based water resilience, peacebuilding and access to WASH in fragile or disaster affected settings.

In this very dynamic setting, based on good practices of water-led resilience connecting to different fields, we aim to collect recommendations and demands from youth around the globe to carry on beyond the water debate. Participants will gain insight on how to leverage tools such as Internet of Things and risk-informed planning. Decision makers and experts will learn about concrete pathways to capitalize and integrate youth in resilience strategies.


  • Welcome and introduction to the session  : Keerthana Suresh, Swiss Water Partnership-Youth
  • Pecha Kucha 1 – Water security for peace and cooperation : Ahmed Alboraey, World Youth Parliament for Water
  • Pecha Kucha 2 – Nature based solutions (NbS) for climate resilience : Andrea Ferret, French Water Partnership
  • Pecha Kucha 3 – WASH in fragile settings : Yvonne Dube, YEP & Cedric Berthod, Solidarités International
  • 12 parallel round table discussions in English, Spanish, French and Russian
  • End of session

Round table discussions (12 working groups):

Water security for peace and cooperation

  • Facilitator 1: Jorge Ellis, UNESCO-IHP
  • Facilitator 2: Cholpon Aithakunova, CAY4W
  • Facilitator 3: Carolina Tornesi MacKinnon, ISW
  • Facilitator 4: Philip Kruse, WWC Youth Delegates

Nature based solutions (NbS) for climate resilience

  • Facilitator 5: Andrea Ferret, French Water Partnership
  • Facilitator 6: Ana Deveza, Swiss Water Partnership – Youth
  • Facilitator 7: Elin Weyler, SIWI
  • Facilitator 8: Rianna Gonzales, Global Water Partnership

WASH in fragile settings

  • Facilitator 9: Cedric Berthod, Solidarités International
  • Facilitator 10: Vincent Cornelissen, YEP
  • Facilitator 11: Temple Oraeki, Water Youth Network
  • Facilitator 12: Antonella Vagliente, Young Water Solutions

(Summary will be available via link to interactive board)

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