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The COP22 of Marrakesh (Morocco)

07 ● 18.11.2016

The COP22 of Marrakesh took place from the 7th to the 18th of November. The French Water Partnership was very active and several opportunities arose to make water visible during this COP.

 Date : 7-18 November

Lieu : Marrakesh

Organiser : United Nations and the government of Morocco.


COP22 : The FWP assessment 



COP22 had been announced as the COP of action for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It has in fact been a COP preparing to set a framework for this implementation. Negociations were slow and difficult, all the while admitting some achievenements, notably in the field of water.


Two official documents were made available at the end of the COP22: 

  • The decisions of the CMA1 (Parties which ratified the Paris Agreement) 
  • The proclamation of Marrakech for climate and sustainable development : a political declaration citing the essential points of the Paris Agreement, in reaction to the election of the new USA president. 



These two documents are available here :



Consult our assessment of this year’s COP22



Different alliances exist on water and climate – the FWP played a part in launching these initiatives made by the civil society at the time of the COP21 in Paris. They have now strenghtened with the COP22 : read the Marrakech document on these alliances here.


Official programs of  COP22



– Blue Zone : For the first time, an official water day took place on the 9th of November. This day was coordinated by our partner INBO. Consult the program here  : Official agenda and Blue zone side events agenda.



– Green zone : Half a day was dedicated to water on the 8th of November.  Consult the program of the green zone and of the day of the 8th. 23 water and climate events took place that day. 



Events of the french water actors  



Consult the programme of the FWP events




FWP presence during COP22



Le PFE shared a collective space “water and mountains” on the territory area of the green zone – n°C340


The FWP organized a cocktail on its booth for its international partners on thursday the 10th at 12.45 am 




Our tools for COP22 


Check out the FWP messages for COP22!



Find the last version of collective messages here






Check out our brand new publication for COP22 :  Better knowledge for better management


as well as our educational kit on water and climate



#Climateiswater initiative : it’s time to join!



Since COP21 the #Climateiswater initiative has strenghtened.


It took part in the organization of several climate and water events during the year :





the flyer of the initiative


The calendar of events of the Climateiswater international community during the COP



The brand new website :



The initiative was present with a booth on the green zone.



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