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Find here all the FWP tools for general and technical comprehension of water issues within this page.

 Find all our productions in French on this page : http://www.partenariat-francais-eau.fr/nos-productions/


Our educational kits 






Sustainable Development Goals Publications


fwp-messages-post2015 documentSDG Thumbs  livret-pedagogique-odd-en

  1. Messages prior to the SDG Adoption      
  2. Technical Contribution to Water Indicators Messages prior to the SDG Adoption          
  3. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals booklet                   



Water and Climate publications


afd-typolology-eng  Water and Climate Thumb      INDC thumb Eng   expertise-1-_knowledge



  1. Recommendation and Typology for Adaptation (December 2015)  
  2. Water and Climate :  Acting for the future  (April 2015)  
  3. Water Analysis of INDC  for COP 21   (june 2016)
  4. Water climate and development : Better knowledge for better management (October 2016)               






French Water Expertise and Commitments


1.Presskit thumb   2.Messages WWF7 thumbs     3.Solutions WWFS ENG thumbs     Commitments Thumbs


A serie produced for the 7th World Water Forum (April 2015)






            Posterclimat              poster-2016_water-essential-sdg


  1. Water challenges in 2015 (April 2015)                          
  2. Water and Climate Impacts (April 2015)                                   
  3. Water is essential to all (October 2016)






Water at the heart of the sustainable development agenda




Water and climate : it’s a clear match !



Water innovations in France