Organisateur : European Innovation Partnership on Water

Date : 24-30 septembre 2017

Lieu : Porto, Portugal

Informations et inscriptions

In the context of our collaboration with our colleagues from the Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP), we are happy to bring to your attention and consideration the upcoming EIP Water Conference 2017 that will be held in Oporto on the 27 and 28th of September. This important conference promoted by the European Commission via the European Innovation Partnership on Water, follows in the footsteps of previous editions held in Leewarden, Barcelona and Brussels.

The event will convene national and international opinion leaders on water and innovation themes to discuss the main solutions to issues arising from the sector’s long-term trends and challenges. The discussion has two main purposes: eliminating barriers to innovation and creating business opportunities.

Oporto is hosting the 4th EIP Water conference as part of the Porto Water Innovation Week (PWIW). In effect, from September 24-30, some 800 water innovators from all over Europe are expected to converge on this city, which was also recently named Best European Destination 2017 for the third-time. Other headline events taking place are the Mayors & Water Conference (Sep 29) – “furthering the Urban Water Agenda” and the Water Innovation Lab (Sep 24-29) – “shaping the new water leaders”.

For greater detail (including program and registration), please find below the first newsletter issued by the organizing committee. The organizing committee is led by Águas do Porto, Oporto’s water utility, with the support of Águas de Portugal, the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) and PWP. You can equally refer to the latest EIP Water newsletter at  www.eip-water.eu.

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