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6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France

12 ● 17.03.2012

The 6th World Water Forum was held in the city of Marseille, France from 12 to 17 March 2012.

Forum overview



The organisers were:


– The French Government, represented by the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Energy, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and the City of Marseille

– The World Water Council


The participants were:


  • GovernmentsParliamentarians
  • Local Authorities
  • Intergovernmental organisations/United Nations
  • NGOs/Civil Society/Users
  • Public and private enterprises
  • Professionals/scientists/experts



FWP : a key actor in the organisation of the 6th World Water Forum



At the 6th World Water Forum, the French Water Partnership managed and coordinated the French Pavilion ” Espace France”.


The French Pavilion housed all the French water stakeholders who wanted to be there to communicate collectively. It was designed to be a showcase for expertise and the professions of the water stakeholders in France, with all their diversity and complementarity. All the stakeholders came together in a spirit of partnership to present the multi-actor operations involved in water management inFrance, the diversity of the actions undertaken internationally and the collective ability to find solutions for water problems.


A 160-m² conference area located in the centre of the pavilion hosted nearly thirty conferences and events organised to spotlight the solutions implemented in the North and in the South, to debate and to foster exchanges with over 160 experts, elected officials and representatives of NGOs.


Alongside the central conference area, an exhibition area was dedicated to presenting French institutional, scientific and technical solutions brought to the Forum. The objective was to demonstrate the interest and need of each entity, how each has a place and contributes to managing water while integrating global issues.



Commitments for water



This Forum was entitled ”A time for solutions and commitments”. 358 commitments were made in total, of which 121 made by french water stakeholders. The FWP committed to assessing the progress of these commitments by the next World Water Forum taking place in South Korea in 2015.


You can find the database here as well as the associated publication in the tool box.



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