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Update 2015-11-30

Putting back the natural functionality of watercourses: the Vezouze River in Lunéville

Agence de l'eau Rhin MeuseRhin-Meuse Water Agency & ONEMA (French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments) Initiative



To address the vulnerability of the Lunéville area to flooding, the local association of municipalities has undertaken work to rehabilitate shores and restore the biological functions of the river as part of a combination of measures to reduce flood and erosion risks. These two areas of action deliberately overlap with one another in order to achieve sustainable development.


The riverbed has been made wider along almost a kilometre, creating a veritable flood-retention area. The various developments have enabled the creation of a series of wetlands in which diverse flora and fauna will be able to thrive. It was important to restore nature to its rightful place, even in an urban corridor, and to allow the Vezouze to play its natural role.