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Update 2015-04-02

Henri Bégorre, Mayor of Maxéville and 1st Vice-President of Grand Nancy, was elected President of the FWP at the meeting of the FWP’s Executive Committee on 16 June 2011.

The FWP has the following governing bodies :

General Assembly

The General Assembly regroups all the members of the FWP. The General Assembly meets at least once a year and approves the Board of Director’s reports on management, activities and orientations at the FWP, and reports on the FWP’s financial situation, notably financial and accounting reports.


Every three years it elects the President and the Members of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors


The association is headed by a Board of Directors chaired by the President of the FWP and organised into colleges. It meets at least twice a year.


Bureau of the Board of Directors


The Bureau of the Board of Directors is made up of the President of the FWP and one representative of each of the association’s six colleges.

The members of the Bureau are collectively in charge of preparing and implementing the Board of Directors’ decisions and deciding upon questions of membership, budgets and human resources.


Academic Council


The Academic Council is a place for high-level, forward-looking reflections at the FWP to improve and make progress on the positions that the FWP supports or promotes within the framework of its objectives.