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Download messages of the French Water Partnership on the Post 2015 Developement Agenda

Update 2015-04-05


Members of the French Water Partnership (FWP) involved in “Water within the post-2015 Development Agenda” working group have prepared a working document in the context of international negotiations concerning the United Nations post-2015 Agenda. It is the result of collective reflection and is likely to evolve.

The purpose of these contributions is to demonstrate the absolute importance of water in all sectors of development, in France and worldwide. They are disseminated in various platforms and international arenas. In particular they have been made available to UN-Water in the context of its consultation for the working document “A post 2015 Global Goal for Water: synthesis of key findings and recommendations from UN-Water” published on 27 January 2014.


Advocacy for Water Goal in the post 2015 Agenda – Summary – French Water Patnership – June 2014