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DK-DOX France

Founded in 1996 at the technical chemistry institute at the University of Hanover, the company Dr Küke GmbH produces innovative solutions for chemical water treatment and durable water disinfection. Used in numerous countries around the world, patented DK-DOX® chlorine dioxide systems are the foundation of the company’s success. The firm’s main objectives are to innovate and develop, implementing the alchemy of science and research to employ the latest discoveries in marketable products.
Dr Küke GmbH specializes in all aspects of chlorine dioxide production and the application of this highly effective water disinfectant, and also provides comprehensive scientific consultation services on water treatment. Since 2013, the company has been present in Nordic countries, France and Italy with its DK-DOX® Chlorine Dioxide.

  • Countries of operation

    • Algeria
    • Cambodia
    • Canada
    • Congo-Kinshasa
    • Ivory Coast
    • Morocco
    • Senegal
    • Tunisia

  • Areas of expertise

    • Access to water
    • Water for industry
    • Water quality and combating pollution
  • Type of expertise

    • Equipment, Material, Products
  • Key words

    • Hygiene
    • Point-source pollution
    • Diffuse pollution
    • Process water, ultra-pure water
    • Storage
    • Humanitarian crisis