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Secours Islamique France

Secours Islamique France is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest people in France and around the world. Secours Islamique France implements development programmes in WASH, food security, education and child protection sectors, livelihood. In crisis situation, SIF provides immediate assistance to victims of conflicts and natural disasters and implements post-emergency and development programmes enabling local populations to gain their autonomy back and increase their resilience.
WASH access is one of the main sectors of SIF interventions. SIF is mobilized on the field (water and sanitary facilities supply, basic hygiene awareness) and in the area of advocacy for an effective implementation of the rights to safe water and sanitation and the implementation of the SGD 6 targets.
Secours Islamique France is inspired by the values of Islam, solidarity and respect for human dignity, which are at the heart of its concerns.

  • Countries of operation

    • France
    • Greece
    • Haiti
    • Irak
    • Jordan
    • Kenya
    • Lebanon
    • Madagascar
    • Mali
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Senegal
    • Somalia
    • Syria
    • Chad
    • Palestinian Territories

  • Areas of expertise

    • Access to water
    • Sanitation, hygiene, and rain water
    • Risk management
    • Water for agriculture
    • Water quality and combating pollution
  • Type of expertise

    • Conception and project implementation
    • Equipment, Material, Products
    • Training, capacity building
    • Participatory and/or local governance
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructures
    • Advocacy
    • Planning and development
    • Raising awareness
  • Key words

    • Collective sanitation
    • Rain water
    • Hygiene
    • Rural
    • Urban
    • Agroecology
    • Irrigation
    • Storage
    • Flood
    • Drought, erosion