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Loire-Bretagne Water Agency

The Loire Brittany Water agency is a public institution of the Ministry for Sustainable Development organized around the principle of concerted management of water resource at the level of the river basin district.

The Water Agencies can provide technical and financial assistance for institutional cooperation activities, and participate in actions of solidarity, alongside the public and private basin owners, local and regional governments, water suppliers, NGOs and others.

The water agencies can participate financially by allocating up to 1% of their revenues and also by contributing their advice and feedback to the project sponsors.
The Loire Brittany Water Agency has been committed for over 10 years to sharing its human, intellectual and financial resources to facilitate the access of all people to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation; through institutional cooperation, solidarity projects and international public relations.

  • Countries of operation

    • Bangladesh
    • Benin
    • Myanmar
    • Brazil
    • Burkina Faso
    • Cambodia
    • Cameroon
    • Ivory Coast
    • Ethiopia
    • Ghana
    • Guinea
    • Haiti
    • Laos
    • Madagascar
    • Mali
    • Morocco
    • Mauritania
    • Nepal
    • Niger
    • Filipino
    • Central Africa Republic
    • Senegal
    • Chad
    • Togo
    • France

  • Areas of expertise

    • Access to water
    • Sanitation, hygiene, and rain water
    • Integrated water resources management
    • Water for agriculture
    • Water for industry
    • Protection and restoration of ecosystems
    • Water quality and combating pollution
  • Type of expertise

    • Control, monitoring and analysis
    • Decentralized international cooperation
    • Institutional or scientific international cooperation
    • Data and information systems
    • Studies, support to the project owner
    • Funding
    • Training, capacity building
    • Participatory and/or local governance
    • Ecological engineering, Nature based solutions
    • Modelling and forecasting
    • Decision-making tools (SMART, Software etc.)
    • Advocacy
    • Planning and development
    • Research and development
    • Addressing humanitarian crisis
    • Networks, pipelines
    • Raising awareness