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Aquatethys is a young and innovating company from Bordeaux area (France) specialized in atmospheric water generators for high production capacities.
Our productions are parts of the more efficient in the world thanks to very low consumption,
our generators can be settled wherever you need even if energy resources are missing.
Our patented technology, economical and eco-friendly, may works with various energy sources: solar, gas, electricity, hot source, combustion smoke…
Our range capacity goes from 3.000 to more than 50.000 liters a day (our last quotation for example was for a totally autonomous solar production of 100.000 liters a day).
We also commercialize OEM generators for specialized retailers.
Our last innovation is a totally autonomous generator able to produce 3.000 liters a day for 30 days without any human intervention.
Our main wish is to build water production units working in plug in play.

  • Areas of expertise

    • Water and energy