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Water For Good

Water for Good implements sustainable water infrastructures to facilitate access to water for the population in Central Africain Republic. Over the past 14 years, we have done more than 750 drillings and more than 1000 water points rehabilitations. We also have developed a preventative maintenance programme covering more than 1200 pumps in 8 regions in the West. Our goal is to reinforce governmental capacities in order to promote good water governance and to sustain the private sector.

  • Countries of operation

    • France
    • Central Africa Republic

  • Areas of expertise

    • Access to water
  • Type of expertise

    • Conception and project implementation
    • Control, monitoring and analysis
    • Data and information systems
    • Equipment, Material, Products
    • Studies, support to the project owner
    • Funding
    • Training, capacity building
    • Participatory and/or local governance
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructures
    • Planning and development
    • Networks, pipelines