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La Goutte d'Ô

The purpose of the "La Goutte d'O" Association is to facilitate local initiatives for international cooperation in the field of water, and more generally of the environment and development.

The "La Goutte d'O" Association supports the processes of concerted and united development of access to water for all and initiatives aimed at better preservation and use of water resources.

It is particularly interested in methodological, technical and institutional innovations enabling disadvantaged social groups to better meet their needs in terms of drinking water, sanitation, and more generally to improve their living conditions and their quality of life and environment.

It is also active in the sectors of sustainable energies, biodiversity and food security.

The territories of intervention, are mainly the Mediterranean basin and South America.

  • Countries of operation

    • France

  • Areas of expertise

    • Access to water
    • Integrated water resources management
    • Protection and restoration of ecosystems
    • Water quality and combating pollution