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Nature-based Solutions International Declaration

Find below the declaration in French and English as well as the list of signatories of this declaration, launched officially during COP23





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Organisation / Organization Nom / Name Prénom / First name Pays / Country
Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea GALLETTI Gian Luca Italy
Global Alliance for Water and Climate DONZIER Jean-François International
French Water Partnership LAUNAY Jean France
Hydro agro tips BAYOULI Amor Tunisia
State Scientific & Technical Centre for inter-sectorial & regional problems of the Environmental Safety and Resource Conservation S.BROYDE Zinoviy Ukraine
Hydropolitics Association of Turkey YILDIZ Dursun Turkey
Foundation 2100 GAUDIN Thierry France
Green Cross IMBERT Nicolas France
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Building and Nuclear Safety FLASBARTH Jochen Allemagne
Nigerian Meteorological Agency MAILADI Yusuf Abba Misan Allemagne
Career Company of Menudelle BOURGUET Pierre France
Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers PORQUET Bertrand France
Agence de l’Eau Artois-Picardie GALTIER Bertrand France
United Nation University     Allemagne
International Water Association PROMES Eva Netherlands
Paris City Hall BLAUEL Célia France
Water Academy OLIVER Jean-Louis France
Coalition pour une Navigation Responsable et Durable DUBITSKY Will Canada
Eco-Tiras Internatonal Association of River Keepers TROMBITSKY Ilya Moldova
Coalition Eau METAYER Sandra France
India Water Foundation KUMAR Arvind India
Foundation Tour du Valat JALBERT Jean France
Wetlands International MADGWICK Jane Netherlands
Intercommunal Company liegeoise of water PALMANS Alain Belgique
ARTELIA Water and Environment GIROUSSENS Marc France
Water Resources and Sustainable Development Laboratory – Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University DJABRI Larbi Algérie
Narmada Samagra SAPRE Kartik India
NGO JEVEV Youth and green jobs for a green economy TOTIN Henri Bénin
European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR) JANES Martin Netherlands
Regional Water Authority of Dommel GLAS Petras Netherlands
Rivers without Boundaries Coalition SIMONOV Eugene Russia – Mongolia – China
International Water Centre Alumni Network (IWCAN) BOUCKAERT Frederick Australia
Plan Bleu LAVOUX Thierry France
The Spring Foundation STEWART Margaret Marion United Kingdom
Eau de Paris BLAUEL Célia France
Agencia Reguladora de Aguas, Energia Esaneamento Basico (ADASA) SALLES Paulo Brasil
Delta Alliance VAN DE GUCHTE Cees Netherlands
Deltares VAN DE GUCHTE Cees Netherlands
Authority of Lake Tanganyika NIBIRANTIJE Jean-Marie Tanzanie et Zambie
Community Disaster Risk Management Project related to climate change NIMUBONA Alexis Burundi
Cadi Ayyad University MANDI Laïla Morocco
Niger Basin Authority TOUPTA Boguena Nigeria
Ministry of the Environment of Waters and Forests WATTA Camara Guinée
Sebou Hydraulic Basin Agency MISANE Laila Morocco
Grande Muraille Verte DOULKOM Adama Burkina Faso
Comité de Bassin Rhône-Méditerranée DANTIN Michel France
MedWet PAPAYANNIS Thymio France
French Association of Territorial Public Establishments of Basin (AFEPTB) MOLOSSI Frédéric France
National Association of Elected Basin (ANEB) LENGLET Bernard France
Mississipi River Cities & Town Iniative (MRTCI) JOHNSON
INBO RAMIREZ Roberto Mexique
Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition DUMOULIN Virginie France
AESVT KSIRI Abderrahim Morocco
Société Civile MABROUK Aouatef Tunisia
Générations Climat WEBEN Adrien International
SPONG Permanent Secretariat of NGOs OUEDRAOGO Roukiattou Burkina Faso
World Youth Parliament for Water DJOHY Serge Benin
International Secretariat for Water SELLALI Hannane Canada
Permanent Secretariat for Integrated Water Resources Management CONGO Moustapha Burkina Faso
Water and Energy Association for All (ASEET) BENBRAHIM Abdesslam Morocco
International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR) ROHN-BORCHARDT Martine Allemagne
Hadja Kadiatou N’Diaye Foundation for Environment and Sustainable Development N’DIAYE Kadiatou Guinée
Department of Environment, Water + Natural Resources PITCHER Sandra South Australia
Kyoto Club FERRARI Davide Italy
CDP LAMB Cate United Kingdom
Secours Islamique France LAHLOU Rachid France
Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Facilities SAVADOGO Amidou Burkina Faso
SUEZ CAMUS Bertrand France
National Water Partnership ADJAGODO Arnauld Benin
Office de l’Eau de la Martinique POPULO Aline France
Ministry of Water Resources SAHR E JUANAH Mohamed Sierra Leone
Women for Peace QUISTORP Eva Allemagne
Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development (AMCDD) KSIRI Abderrahim Morocco
Député Côte d’Ivoire KAHIBA Lambert Côte d’Ivoire
Agence de l’Eau Seine Normandie BLANC Patricia France
Weather Tec CHERUBINI Antonio Jordan
SIWI Torgny Holmgren ??    
National Society for the Protection of Nature LUGLIA Rémi France
Network of North American Basin Organizations (ROBAN) CAZELAIS Normand Canada
Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels d’Auvergne AUBERGER Eliane France
Agence Française de Développement RIOUX Rémi France