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National center for Space Studies (CNES)

Founded in 1961, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is the government agency responsible for shaping and implementing France’s space policy in Europe.

CNES is a pivotal player in Europe’s space programme, and a major source of initiatives and proposals that aim to maintain France and Europe’s competitive edge. It conceives and executes space programmes with its partners in the scientific community and industry, and is closely involved in many international cooperation programmes—the key to any far-reaching space policy.

Through its ability to innovate and its forward-looking vision, CNES is helping to foster new technologies that will benefit society as a whole, with some of its research focusing on Earth, Environment and Climate.

  • Countries of operation

    • Bangladesh
    • Brazil
    • Congo-Kinshasa
    • France
    • Niger

  • Areas of expertise

    • Integrated water resources management
  • Type of expertise

    • Data and information systems
    • Research and development
    • Raising awareness